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D.Q.Z. is a company that has been focussed on the commercialization of chemical products, mainly in the composites field, for 20 year.

D.Q.Z. was founded in 1987 by Mr. Javier Lain after14 years of experience as director of Reposa´s laboratory,not only for distributing raw materials for the composite industry on the counties of Aragon, Navarra, la Rioja y Soria, but also for the global assistance for its industry.

Hence the company constitution, DQZ has spread out its area of influence and range of products, working on the fields of construction, aeronautics, wind energy, chemical containments, concrete leisure, sanitary ware, automotive, transport, marine and casting, working also as link between final customers and polyester producers.

D.Q.Z. Distribuidora Química Saragossa, S.L.

Tel. 619 424 121  -  E-mail dqz@dqz.es


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